I ’m a simple man, I see a cool card and I want to use it… but I CANT !!!

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There are a lot of bad cards in the game, some just fillers and others just a small buff away from being good. So I made a list of every faction and three of their very unique  bad cards that I so badly want to use.

*I won't wright the texts from the cards, if you know you know.


1) MOURNTART How can this card exist in such form while  25 point Gord is a thing. Both need you to build your deck in a certain way so why not Just give her zeal or deploy.

2) IDR: He looks cute creepy and has a fun interaction with she troll but other than that he is just a bad 7/7 engine with a worthless adrenaline condition.

3) ARD GAETH : from all the echo cards this is the most uninspiring and boring…. and why on earth does it not have an option to effect only one row….??


1) RIENCE : Never once bothered to use him… he looks pretty COOL tho  ;D !!!

2) VYPPER : It probably has the funniest “meme” strategy on the game but i like the art so much I want to throw it in my more competitive lists…  and why on earth does it not have poison synergies ?!?

3) CAHIR: I hate his ability but I love his beard !!!

Northern realms:

1) KING BELOHUN: He has an interesting ability but he is so f*ing old… clearly not cut for epic duels.

2) VISSEGERD: Very badass art  and incredibly power creeped.

3) VERNON ROCHE: A super underwhelming ability you would expect from nilfgaard and not NR…

Scoia 'tael:

1) MILVA: Pretty cool character with a garbage card…

2) FRANCESCA FINDABAIR: Text should be changed to “Deathwish do something meaningfull.”

3) WATER OF BROKILON: Does nostalgia for harmony mean I'm  a masochist ??


1) KAMBI: Golden chicken on top of a pile of bodies… you’d expect him to do something cooler….

2) CORRUPTED FLAMINICA: Same case with Mourntart…. they are not thicc enough.

3) SKJALL: he should have cool synergies with Morkvarg but nooooo… he is just a 5 point wimp disguised as a 10. ( Very thematic, I know. )


1) COLLUSION: Incredible long text that first glance seems cool,  but it really isn’t.

2) TAMARA: SHE should be paying YOU for using her… not the other way round…

3) SUKRUS: The scumbag doesn't even work with insanity.

(BONUS) Neutral:

1) Every single neutral dragon: No wonder they went extinct with those pathetic numbers…

2) GASCON: The hero we deserved but not at all what we got…

3) PHOENIX: should be the alternate crowmoma but for monsters. Instead we god a very bad form of carryover that has a very thematic ability… and I respect that.

What cards would you like to see reworked/buffed ?? I'm in for a discussion.

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