I rarely receive GGs

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

It’s interesting to me that whenever I use a shit deck, I always get a GG. But as soon as I use lined pockets to try and rank up or play more try hard, I never get one (win or lose).

While I understand it’s frustrating to play against a top tier deck, it’s really pretty petty given that we’re both rank 1 doing our best to make pro, and you are also using a top tier deck. For example, earlier today I wasn’t GGed by 3 BOG players and 2 mirror line pockets. The hypocrisy and salt is very real.

I also will add that these players will still happily GG when they win, but if they lose, they get all butthurt.

Unfortunately this has made me less likely to immediately GG after a game, because I’d rather not if I know I won’t get one back.

Just thought I’d put this out there as it’s been on my mind. What are y’all’s experience with GGing?

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