I think that cheating is more usual than we actually think

Today has been a fine day in Tarkov at least for me, clapped some Pmcs in Interchange while rushing tech spawns cause I need gpus for my bitcoin farm and grinded a bit those Peacekeeper quests in shoreline that I had abandoned, but there is always something that makes me end the day a bit discouraged. Just know I was trying to do spa tour part 1 and I hide in a house in the village cause I had to do something, my headsets are wireless so I was still hearing in case someone came closer. About 5 minutes went by and someone started making noise outside, jumping and shit, I went back and waited quietly without making any noise to see if he would leave or what he would do. Another 6 minutes passed without making any noise and the guy was still there, at that moment it was clear to me that he knew I was there and I wondered how it was possible, eventually I went out because I was wasting my time and there he was, holding the angle of the gate with a shotgun. He didn't kill me and after some back and forth I threw him some nades and ran to the village to reposition , just to get killed by some other random dude camping in the woods (maybe he heard the shots, whatever).

With this I don't want to accuse anyone, but after many hours and some experience you realise which things don't fit and which do, from the beginning the whole situation smelled like shit to me, he never had any way of knowing that I was there and the fact that he stayed so long waiting outside the fence of the house without pushing me, just waiting, Who does that? This isn't the first time that I experience something like this ( and Im not even counting labs here), the list goes on: strange pin point accuracy nades from nowhere, very precise full auto semiautomatic fire of marksman rifles from afar…

I donĀ“t know, this isn't a rant or anything cause it isn't something that happens very often, but it's quite demotivating to spend hours trying to get better at something and every now and then you get the feeling that something doesn't add up and that no matter how you played the result was going to be the same because the other player had some kind of assistance… aka radar, wallhack and shit like that.

How has been your experience in this wipe so far? Lots of suspicious shit at least in my case.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m1inyd/i_think_that_cheating_is_more_usual_than_we/

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