I understand the FIR mechanic, but why can’t I sell items from a player that I killed in PvP??? Is this community too badass and hardcore?

FIR is here to counter hatchet runners, bots on Flea who buy and then sell items for higher price, and players who buy items from traders and sell them on Flea for higher price.

I am all for making our lives harder since this game must become hardcore cause this community is very badass, but what am I supposed to do with attachments that I got from a guy I killed if I dont want to use them and dont want to sell them to traders for a couple of cents while they cost 50k on Flea (talking about 30rnd mags for VAL), 20rnds are enough for me.

SUGGESTION: Look, even tho the player I killed bought his equipment on Flea/traders, his items should be found in raid for me after I killed him fairly even tho they werent FIR for him, THIS SHOULD NOT WORK IF THE PLAYERS KILLING EACHOTHER ARE IN A GROUP, SINCE THEY COULD EXPLOIT AND MAKE ITEMS FIR WITHOUT EFFORT

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/iet3nz/i_understand_the_fir_mechanic_but_why_cant_i_sell/

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