I Would love to have a wipe without flee and limited traders

I think currently the game is very chad oriented end game. In my opinion this makes the game stale fast for people. In the end, most people get bored after some weeks because they can buy everything and there is nothing really to achieve (except killing low level starters, or do a coint toss with an other chad). And new comers also get wrecked and quit. When the game goes to full release this brings the risk of dying out when no wipes are performed anymore.

Tarkov was meant to be survival shooter, but now it is an 'who has the most money' shooter. What if you could only buy low level stuff from the trader to get going. The rest you have to find in raid or craft yourself. Currently I sell trader/task rewards because, heck, just give me moneyz.

This could potentially make the game more a survival style of game. I would love to try a wipe like this.

And yes, I know, with a pp-kedr you can kill high end chads (up close) and also low level snipers can shoot someones head off, but I think this would maybe fix the end-game problem.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qr636e/i_would_love_to_have_a_wipe_without_flee_and/

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