I would pay a lot of money to play Day 1 Fortnite.

I am a Fortnite OG. I was there on launch day of Battle Royale. Not as a player, though. As a Twitch viewer. Immediately all of my favorite streamers were playing Fortnite. Before long, that’s all I watched. I watched Fortnite gameplay like a full-time job for months.

But I never did get to visit Dusty Depot or Tilted Towers and I feel like I really missed something. I am nostalgic for a virtual world that I never fake-visited myself, only viewed strangers fake-visiting.

I would pay a handsome sum to be able to play Fortnite as if it were launch day. Same map. Same weapons. Rules. Game types. OG graphics would be cool, but updated graphics would been cool, too.

I would pay a handsome sum to play that game. How handsome? I don’t know. Enough to make Epic barely open its eyes and gently sigh as it slumbers atop its mountain of gold.

Who’s with me?

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