Icy Traslucent! Features or Bug?

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Elite Dangerous Odyssey (patch 8): Icy Shard Traslucent. Bug or early/unfineshed feature?

On the planet AO RUN 4 D A we have found a strange feature regarding the icy planet and rocks/fumaroles on the surface. All surfaces not exposed to starlight in the system created a translucence through the rocks with obvious depth effect.

The effect can be seen by simply creating a shadow with your sun and terrain, ship, srv or cmdr and totally dynamic with the movement of the light source (see the video posted). In 4 other planets with the same ice features we did not find this phenomenon. Feature not implemented correctly? Feature not fully integrated in game with the current planetary procedural technique? Or a simple bug?

Others images with traslucent effect.








What I would like to understand is if this feature is poorly implemented or has serious bugs. The area exposed to any light source makes the standard ice texture appear.

Do you have any opinions on the quality and functionality of this feature?

Concept Art

Old texture demo 2018(?)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/r0mgp2/icy_traslucent_features_or_bug/

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