“If StW was managed by other company” discussion and dreaming

To this day I keep reading: "I hope Epic Games gives StW to PCF" (now some say High Voltage).

No, Epic Games is free to hire / contract any company to work on Fortnite's IP, but they will not give / sell it, a huge liability for literally no money.

People complain about issues on StW, PCF's Outriders had lots of bugs, inventory wipes and serious connection problems (that StW used to have even worse than now).

People complain about no regular content, PCF's Outriders is not a game as a service, they aren't fans of weekly/biweekly new content either.

People complain about nerfs on StW… have you even read what Outriders kept doing? Nerfs and nerfs!

StW is very niche, without huge money flow who do you think would keep paying for servers? Epic Games has the money for that.

Really, do you still think PCF would be the salvation? Why? Most companies would have closed StW by now, at least we can still play and have regular cosmetic content from the other mode 😐

Outriders hype and momentum ended even quicker than StW, after a successful launch… but still people here keep writing they know the recipe for long-term success. Managing a game is hard, it's not just technical work.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/p2krsh/if_stw_was_managed_by_other_company_discussion/

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