I’m just not playing anymore.

I'm just not going to be playing anymore. The other day I went out in my Anaconda to screw around in the HasRes for a bit and ended up getting my butt handed to me, so I bugged out with 30% hull left. I made it out no problem, SC'd my way to the nearest station, got docking access and headed in for some repairs. When I tried to lower my landing gear (down on D-pad + B) I guess I must not have been authoritative enough with my D-pad and ended up boosting into the damned landing pad (B). That knocked my shields down to nearly nothing and somehow I was now STUCK under a freaking gantry or something and literally NOTHING I did would get me out of it. Unfortunately for me, that gantry just happened to be close enough to another pad that I got blown out of the goddamned sky by the station defenses while I was impotently trying to get my ship free of the stupid freaking jitterbug clippy trap I had somehow gotten myself into. Bam, Anaconda destroyed.

Now I get it, I made a mistake by not devoting 100% of my attention to properly and authoritatively depressing the D-pad button. My fault, right? Better be perfect every time or risk getting mercilessly and inexplicably stuck in a place the game will unquestionably kill you for being stuck in, got it, no problem. Except this isn't the first time this has happened to me, this exact same scenario, where I CAN'T GET FREE to clear the damned pad no matter what I do.

Now the last couple of times this happened, I just muttered some expletives, paid my rebuy, and continued on my way. This time though, I can't make that money back. I have enough for a rebuy, sure, but it'll literally wipe me out to where I have to fly a freaking Hauler if I want to survive the next rubbish trap and I can never make that money back because I have a real life to live outside of the game and after the nerf on mining there's just absolutely zero possibility I'll spend 50+ hours mining enough random metals hoping for some that are worth anything useful.

Anyways it just isn't fun anymore. I don't play video games to do work, I have enough work to do in real life. I play video games to relax, but this game is work. In fact it's so lame now I'm literally playing MechWarrior 5 instead. If you know anything about MW5 you know how damning a statement that is.

I hope you all fix this thing so that it's worth my time again, but my understanding from reading other posts here is that you won't, so unless anything changes I'm out. Y'all have fun with your Odessy release.

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