I’m Peckish, I Eat!

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

TL;DR: What do we think, fellow Vikings – would we prefer to eat when it suits us to top up our health rather than having to wait until a certain hunger level is reached?

I'm in the middle of a Quest for Golem Trophies (Golems Slain=41, Trophies Collected = 0) and it's brought something into focus.

I eat, my health goes up to max. It gradually drops over time until the relevant food items start flashing and then I can eat another one of the item(s) that've depleted. What this means, in effect, is I'm being forced to watch my diet and not eat too much – I may be carrying ample food but I can't eat it until I'm the right level of hungry and this means that I also have to manage my interactions with the critters who want to kill me so I don't get into trouble when I'm only pretty hungry.

It occurred to me that we could be allowed to eat whenever we wished. There'd be a trade-off between how much food we consume (and need to replace) and how far we let our health drop before eating. And sometimes that feels like a better option. You'd be actively managing food supplies in a different way, along with actively managing health levels.

But I'm also aware that would remove one element of challenge. And, really, it's not something I'm not managing to cope with.

But I wondered what the general opinion was. Not least because, in the end, I don't think I have one!

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