Interchange extract camping

Let me start by saying I'm lvl 27 and have been playing since 2017, so I'm not a new player. I'm not the best shooter at FPS games, but I have map knowlege & I know how things go in Tarkov with movement and sound ques.

I've been trying to do some quests on Interchange for past 2 days and have been unsuccessful due to constant extract camping on either side of the map. I've never once run into extract camping on any of the other maps excluding Factory at Gate 3. Regardless of the time of day or night, early or late in raid or even Scav vs PMC, the results are the same. The Emercom Exit behind OLI is worse than the Train yard, but both are exit camped nearly each run.

I've put some of my thoughts below on the matter at hand. Do you think it is

A.) Is it the influx of new players since patch .12 who are afraid to risk anything so they just camp out for 40 min waiting to ambush someone for easy loot?

B.) Is it the fact that OLI is the new hotspot for extremely valuable loot given the requirements for early hideout upgrades? (i'm looking at you corrugated hoses) D:

C.) Is it the fact that that I have extremely poor luck / situational awareness and am not good at this game?

D.) All of the above

I'd love to hear some other people's feedback within the community regarding this along with maybe some suggestions for new extractions. Here is my idea for a new extract.



A trapdoor hidden under the crashed APC that requires a pair of those large metal scissors to open. It then opens up an escalator going down. It eventually takes you down to Hell itself where all the exit campers are chained up to crashed busses. There is a crate at the bottom full of condensed milk that you get to manually feed these scum until they become dehydrated, and then you gain the ability to stab them over and over again with your antique axe. Once done, you safely extract and then get a weblink of a livestream of their computer monitor blowing up and their PC catching fire irl.

Salt not included.

Thanks for reading!

– r0tten_Banana


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