Interchange needs a player scav spawn change

hear me out on this one.

Interchange is one of my favourite maps. its got some issues. its not perfect. One of which is the lighting. and the other one is the scav spawning. the lighting is pretty self explanatory and ive seen it covered multiple times already. but the player scav spawns afaik havent been talked about.

So what do i mean with player scav spawns.

If i play a game of interchange i very rarely see any player scavs throughout the game. but between 12-15 minutes. a handful if not more spawn. So you suddenly have an increase from maybe 3 to like 8/9 players. which is a pretty substantial amount. It wouldnt be so bad if they would spawn outside. but they basically spawn in the middle of the store. you can clear one store and the moment you step out of it a scav can spawn.

other maps like reserve have a perfect scav spawn imho. You spawn between 18-40 minutes. so its balanced throughout the game and it doesnt have a giant influx of player scavs at once. and they ALWAYS for afaik spawn on the outer edges. the closest ive spawned inwards was at the trainstation. but otherwise i always spawn at the walls.

in interchange its not the case like i stated earlier. Not only do you have the players all spawn within 3 minutes of eachother. they also spawn inside. which makes them just horde on you. i mean there are cases where you spawn earlier but those are very rare atleast in my case. Because i spawn always around 13 minutes in.

why is this bad?

Well it depletes the map from action throughout the game. The mapflow in interchange imo is already pretty bad compared to other maps. most of the loot is near eachother and the other part of the map is just left out with a few weapon crates here and there. and if you have alot of action in the beginning of the map and no action in the midgame and a whole lot of action at the end. it makes the map alot less fun for me to be fair.

And if the scavs spawn in the map. they just hear 1 gunshot and they swarm you all at once. because from my experience you always spawn close to kiba. perfectly centered.


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