Interesting Arachas Queen – Witches Sabbath interaction

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Sorry for the lack of a recording but I wanted to share an interesting part of my last game.

Playing in Pro against a Keltullis deck that's added Kayran and Arachas Queen for re-usable/double Keltullis. During the course of the game something very unexpected happened.

In the third round he played Witches' Sabbath for the second time that game to bring back Keltullis and Arachas queen from the previous round. He then used Abaya to make the Arachas Queen use her Deathwish ability. The previous round she had eaten Keltullis and then spit him out after getting chomped by Kayran. Now however, after coming back from the grave and getting Deathwished again she promptly spat out another Keltullis.

This means that even after entering the graveyard our Holy Lady of Spidery Consumption records what she ate and is able to spit them up again if she happens to get summoned again. Not sure if this is common knowledge but it was very unexpected on my part and I only barely managed to eke out a feeble victory as a result and just wanted to share.


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