Is it just me or is something really wrong in the meta?

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I am not very serious when it comes to Dota. I play casually. May be 1 or 2 games a day & either a few more or none on weekends.

But lately, I have been losing so much on a consistent basis that I just realized now I'v never actually been this low. Its started to bother me.
I remain mostly in 3.5-4k range and I just noticed I am down to 2.5k and losing.
And it isn't just me, most of my friends in game have all dropped down a medal (ancients to legends, legends to archons, and archons to crusaders) – Most of them support players like myself.

Is something really different in dota from a while back (i was on a break from Dota for some months)?
Did Icefrog do some clever changes where he words it in small sentence but that has a major impact/shift in game meta? Like gold/xp rate or something?
Has support been nerfed in some quiet / clever way?
Have support items been nerfed in some way? (Force staff, glimmer,)?
Or has Dota skill on average just gotten better (I don't think that it is though, i see the difference in my games now with 2 radiance, 2 pipes, 2 urns etc.)?

I play mostly supports. Basic hero pool:

Queen of Pain
Ancient Apparition
Crystal Maiden

My last game with Queen of Pain support (9 – 1 – 13) Loss.

Like I'm really curious, have more of you been going through a similar phase in the game right now?


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