Is it possible to make a solo impostor game balanced?

Having 2 impostors is widely regarded as the best setup. However in pub games 2-4 people leave at the start, meaning that impostors just win with a few kills. So I tried to make solo impostor work, since people leave less for not getting impostor there it seems (those people go on 2-imp servers). I've set it to the following settings different from default:

  • 10 s kill cd
  • long kill range
  • player speed 1.25 (I wanted it on 1.0, but people whine too hard)
  • visual tasks off
  • task bar only update at meetings

However, even with these buffs, the impostor seems to rarely win, for one reason: pairs.

If a pair of people stick together, they can hard-clear each other after the first body is found. This results in a snowball where eventually 4-5 people hard clear each other, pointing out who the impostor is with process of elimination.

What is you experience with solo impostor lobbies? Do you think it's possible to make it balanced?


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