Is the Kappa really worth this headache?

This is my first real wipe, when I bought this game I didn’t invest into any hideout or tasks and got to maybe level 14 – Now I’m level 30 with all level 3 traders and level 4 peacekeeper and a good chunk of tasks done.

I’m still new, still learning, but these tasks requiring very expensive “in raid” items, not just one but many, are starting to add up. It’s become a pattern to never see the item, or find it and die and lose the in raid status regardless of my gamma container.

Is this kappa container worth the this repetitive hunt for items you’ll rarely get out alive with? I thought it was hard enough to find it, let alone survive with it and avoid a run through status. I’m starting to just focus my time and spend more money on my hideout, rather than gear to try and hunt these items down, survive and get these tasks done.

One task alone wants 3 in raid Ledx…?


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