Isn’t M62 in need of a buff?

Right now this round sits on 79dmg and 44pen, is just marginally better than M80 with -1dmg and +3pen but it’s a tracer round.

I believe that this, together with the new increased purchase/craft cost of M61, is pushing a little bit too much the 7.52×51 guns out of the meta.

Let’s have a look at 7.62×39 BP which has 58dmg and 47pen; currently this gives me no reason to run the SA-58 for example over an AK-103 as the latter has a better and cheaper round, with a much cheaper gun also.

I am currently level 40 with max hideout and max traders (besides Ragman LL3) and for as much as I would like to, I am not running the SA-58 or the SR-25 or M1A mainly because it is impractical and really antieconomic.

What do you guys think of making the M62 a bit better? Maybe something along the lines of 72dmg 49pen or 68dmg 51pen

We could also make it a bit more expensive too, like 1.500 roubles at Peacekeeper and a bit less while crafted


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