just had the most satisfying impostor win ever

so this game was a regular game for me, we were down to the last 4 people, 1 of which was alone in nav, so I vent in and kill them. about 5 seconds after this, another person (cheating on a discord call) who has already been in navs just gets pulled back to navs by some "weird force and definitely not cheating". so he reports the body and calls me out, saying I killed in navs and he saw me walk out (even though I vented out(and didn't see him even though I had better vision)), anyway, the other two people vote, I assumed for me, so I basically admitted to killing him (saying "but I didn't walk out, I vented out") and vote for the cheater. and for some reason the last person decides to not vote for me, but for the innoc3ent person instead.

it was really funny in the lobby waiting for the next match, because the cheater basically tried his hardest to insult us, then left

overall, just felt good to win against the cheater

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/keyt7b/just_had_the_most_satisfying_impostor_win_ever/

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