Kills that made you feel guilty?

I just had a round on Factory where I went in with a PM and a dream. I hear a silenced automatic going crazy and lots of scavs screaming, so I sat still and listened.

About 5 minutes went by and then I hear more gunfire, more screaming. Footsteps.

I peek out and see a figure, try to aim the face tap but panic, BANGBANGBANG. Like that bit in Pulp Fiction where the kid goes nuts with the revolver.

I'm staring down the hall waiting for the hail of deadly return fire but it's silent. There's a corpse. I walk over and it turns out the guy had a pimped silent MPX, a Mosin, full gear and a backpack full of guns.

I then GTFO with the loot but I didn't feel like I deserved it – turns out my bullets actually only hit his arm and this somehow killed the poor guy. It was one of those raids where I just got obscenely lucky and someone who did far more work got Tarkov'd.

How about you guys? Any kills that made you feel bad for your victims?


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