Lab Key-card’s Price increase was needed. Changing the Extracts/Raider Spawns has ruined the general feel of the map and lost a lot of it’s unique charm.

I for one spent hundreds if not thousand(s) of raids on labs last wipe. I love the map. The chaotic nature of the armies of difficult raiders roaming upon activating one of the main extracts was always exhilarating. The pressure it put on you and other players during fights/looting the map and giving away positions to bring on more PvP.

I'm glad they increased the price of the keycard as I definitely agree the map brought too much money. Almost triple the price of last wipe is a very big step up and likely to make a great difference on the labs economy. However I for one could very much enjoy playing labs if it had 50 raiders spawning that you couldn't even loot. I enjoyed everything about the unique chaotic play-style and atmosphere that map brought on.

Playing Labs since 0.12 has really disappointed me and the map has lost so much of its charm. The high chance for one or both main extracts to not function means very few raiders will spawn in the vast majority of raids. If you can activate one of the main extracts they appear to spawn less raiders than they previously did. All I see are naked players running around looting with no fear of raiders. This was already a bit of a problem for this map but majority of players were there to fight raiders and other players with a sprinkle of hatchling/pistol runners. Not so much anymore.

Please change the extracts and raider spawns back to what they once were.


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