Lighthouse is nearly unplayable

I don't understand how BSG does things but what's the point of releasing a good looking map with terrible performances ? I have 3060TI with Intel 12th gen and 32GB CL16 3600Mhz, while scoping in some areas of the map my game drops below 30 FPS.

Sometimes you enter a room in a building and the FPS just tanks like crazy. I honestly don't see the point of that map, and talking to people almost nobody plays it because of the awful performances on it.

Idk people at BSG I appreciate the work you do but every times it comes to optimisation and the fundamentals of the games it's just off and it's not being adressed, it's been a while that this game has been in developement and netcode, audio, performances are still in a very bad state.

good luck ib4 all the shills downvote because "huhuhu eft perfect game go play cod lul"


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