Love Valheim but Need a New Game

Is Valheim coming

As title says my mate and I have played the guts out of Valheim and really enjoyed its gameplay, beauty, uniqueness, etc, etc, but need a new game while waiting/hoping for some more content in the new biomes in the future and I thought I'd ask you guys for your suggestions.

A little about us, 2 x 50+ year olds who like online coop pve puzzle, shooters, survival, indie, early access, interesting games of pretty much any genre as long as it's good gameplay and not a poorly ported console game (sorry Halo). Keyboard and mouse supported only, as we never got into aiming with a joypad (feels like witchcraft)

We have played A Lot of games over the years and I could try to list them but that'd crimp the discussion so please feel free to point out the obvious ones but I will say some of our favourites over the years have include Borderlands, Portal 2, Gunfire Reborn, Deep Rock Galactic, Trine, Anthem (RIP), Diablo and of course Valheim (just to give you a small flavour)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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