Lucky Scav Case Mid Wipe

There have been many topics like this one about what to keep what to sell etc etc but I kind of wanted to take the temperature of everyone here and see if there was an agreed upon best strategy for what to keep/collect mid wipe in the scav case. My hideout is completed and I'm very close to collector so I don't need to keep barter items for quests/hideout any longer. Typically I'm just keeping things for a few barters that I enjoy. Bags and a few guns. That said, I never really bother to go through the near 400 slots of scav junkbox stuff I have amassed.

What are you keeping for sure? Do you keep things for crafting? Bartering? Ideally I'd like to keep them pretty tidy and pared down to just must haves and things that are constantly in use. Buying back on the flea is super easy and should probably be what I do instead.

If I haven't conveyed this thought in a constructive enough way, let me know and I'll try to restate however I was unclear.

Kind regards for your mental efforts,



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