Midnight Black paint jobs are still not fixed in Odyssey, meanwhile Black Friday approaches

With Black Friday soon upon us, and the Midnight Black paint jobs presumably making their annual return, there's no better time than now to again raise the issue that has been affecting these paint jobs since Odyssey's release.

The Issue:

In Horizons, the paint jobs are pitch black, and completely matte. In odyssey however, the skins have shine and, while still black, some are much brighter shade than their Horizons counterparts. The issue appears to have already been raised twice on the issue tracker, but has either expired, or been marked as a duplicate of this issue, however while the issue has been marked as fixed, the Midnight paint jobs are unfortunately not fixed.

As I do not own all of the Midnight paint jobs, and the shade difference seems to vary between ships, it would be greatly appreciated if those who own them could add their own screenshots, ideally in the same format as mine, to the issue tracker.

Issue tracker link

Odyssey's lighting changes affected many paint jobs, some of which have been fixed, but the Midnight Black paint jobs have not been returned to their matte, void-like glory.

Here is an example of the Krait mkII

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qr8u81/midnight_black_paint_jobs_are_still_not_fixed_in/

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