More Leg Meta – Less W-Key Meta

I'd like more punishment for having my bullets eat your Chad Thighs.

RIP, Luger, Hollow Points etc should over-ride any opiate effects. Full Stop.

These Chads pre-medding and W-keying around the maps need to be stopped, and I want to stop them.

Let me play with them like pray – let me shoot their thick thighs with some delicious flesh-ripping ammo and watch limp slowly and try to avoid more of my shots. Let them decide to stop and either do some surgery or keep spinning in circles while I laugh at their giant backpacks I will soon loot.

You chose to pre-med and W-key, stomping around the map ignoring all the basic survival mechanics life would actually have? Okay..your thighs are very hairy and thick – but I want to choose for my lugers and hollow points to specifically and directly punish your big sweaty calves.

I don't want to have to fully kill you with 10 shots or whatever the hell it takes right now in the legs, it's ridiculous our PMC's can just take leg shots and keep sprinting.

I'll give you the FMJ's and let you keep sprinting…we can compromise there. But let me tap your fucking leg with my hollows and have some real punishment for it, because if your thigh got hit with some dirty hollow points I promise your fucking basic pain meds doesn't allow you to sprint around.

TL;DR – let hollows and flesh DMG ammo cause opiate effects to stop – not allowing users to continue to sprint while being hit in the legs with this ammo specifically. Also TL;DR – Rats for life. Fuck Chads.


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