My 6yo had almost all his guns stolen

I'm sure some will laugh at this but please know this whole situation broke my son's heart. He's 6yo and I recently gave him permission to add "friends" in Fortnite as long as people weren't cussing in the headsets. He found a few people he liked to play with. Apparently, they asked him yesterday if they could see his guns so he started dumping out his collection thinking they would look at the guns and return them to him. Instead, they took the guns and bolted from the game and he broke down in tears realizing he wasn't getting any of his guns back.

I reached out to Epic Games to see if there was anything they could do or to see if I could buy a pack of guns for him to cheer him up. Apparently there is nothing they can do to help with the situation. I don't know much about how the game works. I just know my boys love it (and I've spent way too much money on V Bucks) and I hate that someone would take advantage of a little kid like that. Listening to him on the headset, it is obvious that he is a young dude so the people that did this knew exactly what they were doing and the poor guy trusted them not knowing how shady people can be. After all, he thought they were "friends".

He learned a valuable lesson about how rotten people can be online and I talked to him about it a bit so he knows to be more careful going forward but I hope he can see a nicer side of people too. If you run into DeclanBear4755 in a game, please be kind.


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