NG and ball

witcher triss merigold gwint

Ball is getting its well deserved change, but, it was carrying the entire faction, other NG golds and bronzes are weak, so, here's some suggestions

Assire – The shuffle card now returns at the too of their respective deck (helps to put bad cards into opponents deck making the 1 drawn card bad or re shuffle Affan at top triggering its ability)

Magne Division – Added Crew: Ignore this card's condition

Ard Feinn Crisbowman: Doesn't need barricade to trigger or increase initial armor by 1

Vincent Van Moorlehem: Power from 3 to 5, ability change to Deploy: Destroy an enemy unit with Bleeding, Locked, Poison or Doomed (now works with only "negative" statuses, can't destroy defender, vitality or veil, so it works with statuses tha NG gives to the opponent)

Fringila Vigo: power from 4 to 2, provisions from 8 to 9, ability change to Deploy: Create and play a non Echo tactic from your starting deck (if it's too strong it cam be change to only bronze tactics)

Steffan Skellen: added Deploy: Gain zeal if the last tactic played this round was a bronze card

Tibor Eggebracht: power change from 13 to 3, provision change from to 10, ability change to Deploy: Spawn Alba Pikeman on your melee row, Devotion: Spawn and play Alba Armored Cavalry or Alba Pikeman instead.

Shilaard: Power change from 5 to 3, ability change to Deploy: Set the power of the highest unit in your opponents hand to 1 then boost self by the amount of power reduced.

Rico Meiesdorf: provisions from 6 to 7 ability change to If Rico is in your hand or deck, whenever your opponent plays a unit set Rico's power equal to than unit if its higher than currents Rico's power

Nilfgaardian Knight: Provisions from 5 to 4, added Devotion: Cancel the deploy ability

Combat Engineer: Added soldier tag, power from 3 to 4, ability change to Order: Repeat the deploy ability of an allied bronze soldier and boost it by 1

Recruit: Power change from 3 to 4, ability change to Deploy: Spawn a 1 copy of self in this row and lock it, Order: Repeat the deploy ability (meant to make synergy with Slave Infantry)


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