Nilfgaard = bad and the people who play it are even worse D:

witcher gwent cards

There I was, chilling like a villain, playing some gwent ranked (as you do). Playing against a diverse crowd of people but mostly some kind of Nilfgaard lockdown deck (VERY FUN AND INTERACTIVE BTW).

My poor cards got repeatedly violated by those horrible lockdown chains, when Rayla got locked I could hear her cry out in agony and frustration. A single tear rolls down my cheek. Usually when I play this game I do so with a smile upon my face and I am always filled with joy to play against a new and cool deck. Not Nilfgaard though (scum of the earth).

Anyways back to being silenced by the black ones, despite my vision being clouded by tears I managed to secure a crown and we are finally in the Endgame™ . I play Meve, arguably the best card in the game and she also has her own game! (Does Nilfgaard have their own game? Nope!). I allow myself a little bit of a smile and I use Henselt to declare that "I am just warming up". I feel like I got this in the bag, he doesn't have anymore locks so Meve should be free to do her thing.

Yennefer's Evocation, the absolute bastard swipes my beautiful Meve and put it in his slimy and disgusting deck. I take my mug and smash it against the wall, several ceramic pieces cut my hand and I start bleeding profusely. It is fine, I still have the superior score. Enter Roderick Dyn tynne (A massive twat), Roderick pulls my Meve, my darling girl, now turned enemy. I clench my still bleeding hand and I mutter several rude words under breath. I have basically lost, I play Bloody Baron and reset one of his cards, the score is 20 – 15. He hits me with some nice bm-spam before playing his triumph card, Usurper Emperor. I collapse on the floor, the blood loss hitting me hard, yet I do not seek medical aid, I want this suffering to end. I welcome death.


Am I saying that the people who play Nilfgaard decks are awful beings? No! All I am saying is if your parents asked you which deck you played in gwent you would proudly look into their eyes and say "I love playing as Nilfgaard". First of all, they would smack you upside the head and then they would say the devastating line that is "I am not angry, I am just disappointed".

To wrap this sad story of a post up, I would like to say, play whatever deck you want, buuuuuuuuut if you play Nilfgaard, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

If you guys also wanna share your experiences of being violated by Nilfgaard feel free to post them here, I will be your shoulder to cry on. Have a great day!



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