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VOIP included 12.12, proximity only for now, radio channels later. Chatting on radio channels will also be picked up in proximity

Animation overhall, vaulting ladders etc, after 12.12

New daily/weekly quests added in 12.12

New ballistic changes so bullets will behave more realistically. Trajectory, distances, bullet drop, energy disipation over distance means bullets will do less damage, less penetration. But modern and custom barrels will increase bullet speed/damage

New types of malfunctions/overheating in 12.12. If you have fully repaired weapon you will not malfunction, but if your gun overheats it will

Weapon recoil has been adjusted in 12.12 "more random" etc, will require skill to manage recoil, full recoil change later.

LMG's planned

Both types of SCAR's in 12.12

Revolver shotgun

Sprint speed adjusted later

New location/shotgun

Proposals from movie studios to make film/series


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