Now that I finally got a G4 suit and a G5 handgun, I’d say that the grind for this part is somewhat right. Do you think it’s too much, too little ? And for those who did the engineering, how is that part ?

It does take quite a bit of mass murdering to get there, and obviously starting from G2 or G3 instead of G1 does help a bit, but it can be done in a somewhat decent amount of time, depending on what limits/rules you give yourself.

If you want to do it without ever relogging, without ever doing anything criminal, and without outside help either, you might be in for a real bad time though, especially if you are a new player without a good ship nor the money to spend on upgrades, a side of the grind I'd assume anyone who bought odyssey can "skip".

Spoiler for the method used :

For myself, no rules, no limits. Relogging (Thanks exigious for the farm guides), or relogging with a twist to make it easier. For the weapon schematics, I used a small variant of his guide, instead taking a larceny mission, and NEVER taking the mission objective, the only piece of loot that stands alone in its own box, this allows to relog and have a new set of three containers, enemy free. For the manufacturing instructions, I somewhat followed the guide, but it turns out the other "satelite" can also give plenty of instructions. Other than that, it was simple mass murdering for any mission, kill everyone, loot everything with the help of a SRV to empty those pockets faster (board/disembark, heals, recharges and empties the pockets), and take the regulator whenever possible.

So it is "reasonable" in some way. It's still gonna take longer to speedrun that than it takes to speedrun getting an anaconda from a sidewinder start. But at least we are still just outside free to play games level of grind.

But now here's the problem, which is gonna be a familiar one even for those without the DLC, the engineers. And another problem familiar for those who played before the material traders : the lack of material traders for some parts.

Oh, also quick rant : the "do 10 ground combat" and "do 10 repairs" engineers ? They aren't quite working for me, the ground combats seem to simply not count, and there is no way to check if any of them did, and there are no repair missions in my nearby systems.


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