Only have 250 hours, but quitting the game

I havent posted here but have been lurking around ever since i started the game a month ago.

Even after upgrading my PC just to play this game, I have to quit the game. The issue is due to how the audio is in the game.

I cant play the game as its supposed to be played because I cant hear anything. Why? I care about my long term ear health….

if you put the volume low enough that you wont be blowing out your eardrums, you literally cant hear anything enough over your own sounds you make (yes, its the same issue with ingame headset for clear reasons). By the time you hear anything enough to react, its already to late and either 1. your opponent already heard you because he doesnt care about his hearing, putting u in a massive disadvantage 2. its to late and its already a head to head fight or just straight up 3. He doesnt care about his ears, plays at max volume, and he already heard you LONG before you even though you heard something, and was hunting your ass down.

I know the game is in beta, and so i am hopeful BSG will atleast address this issue (yes, it is an issue. no product of any industry should have any potential harm to its user) will be addressed. but for the meantime, I can not play the game. Even with the other known problems in the game, I don't even mind them enough to rant. But this issue just got to me. I am just not having fun anymore because i cant hear people that are clearly sprinting unless they are just blatantly sprinting on metal.

I cant be the only one that feels this way regarding audio, can I? or is everyone just dont care and playing at a high volume?


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