Operation Opachki – Make Tarkov Great Again

Streamers and endgame rushers are completely out of touch with this game's community. Let it be known that a MAJORITY of players do not support their suggested changes to secured containers and loot. I am organizing Operation Opachki as a way to ensure our message is heard and considered by both streamers and Battlestate. We love this game and don't want to see it die from ridiculous changes that do not make the game more hardcore, but rather make the game easier for players who already have massive amounts of loot and money while stifling progression of anyone who can't powerlevel to 40 in the first 2 weeks.

Our goal is to take out geared players and streamers at as little cost to us as possible but at maximum cost to them. To accomplish this, we will use a simple clothing setup to identify each other in the field and allow operators to team up while in action in order to defeat the geared players. While participating in the operation, we request that you wear any type of balaclava, a yellow armband, and, if you have access to them, either the USEC TAC/PCU or BEAR Flannel/Gorka clothing options. This will help identify members of the operation so we do not fight each other and instead work as a unified team to take down geared players. Our weapons should be cheap and deadly, use weapons like the Vepr Hunter or FAL that are capable of penetrating or destroying even the strongest armors out there in only a few shots. The MP-153 or Saiga 12 are also very viable options for leg meta with buckshot or long range sniping with the new, very powerful Poleva-6u and AP20 slugs. Weapons such as the PP19 loaded with AP 6.3 are also good budget picks as they can go straight through most face shields and quickly destroy level 4 faceshields. Our overall tactics are to beat streamers and geared players to loot or quest spots they are likely to visit, and then ambush them when they come. Due to our relative numbers compared to endgame rushers and complainers, we will easily be able to patrol servers of all regions and times in order to hunt down our targets constantly. If you need to play on night time, save money by using a flashlight instead of night vision. Not only does it look more badass and intimidating to see a group of pissed off scavs charging you with shotguns and flashlights, it also nets the streamer less money if they kill you. Another good tactic is to camp extracts when you know a streamer or geared player is in your server in order to prevent them from easily escaping. If there are enough operators within the server or you are coordinating with others in a group, you should easily be able to cover all the extracts on a given map so that the player has no choice but to fight for the chance to extract. We will follow popular loot run guides in order to find and kill players farming loot in order to cut off their money supply so that they have less expensive gear to run and will be forced to listen to us, the "casual" players, for once. While it is probably best not to fill your bag with loot so as to prevent geared players from getting richer in the event of your death, secure containers to store any high value loot you find are recommended as you will be able to keep funding your raids if you are able to bring out high value items in your container, which also effectively removes that item from the raid so the geared player can not have it and denies them wealth. If you die in a raid to a geared player, use your scav to re-enter the same map and hope you rejoin the server you died in. This gives you a second chance to take out the player and retrieve your stuff. In our discord server, we have a channel to report last known location and server of streamers or geared players so that others know where to look to hunt them down.

Join us at our discord server here in order to stay up to date on new tactics, find last known streamer locations, and meet up with other participants, as we are always stronger in numbers.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dzqmln/operation_opachki_make_tarkov_great_again/

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