Opinion on Mobility Power Creep?

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What are peoples opinion on mobility creep in dota? The last few patches greatly improved hero mobilty, whether through items such as swift blink and abyssal blade, talents or shard/scepter upgrades. The movespeed cap barely matters anymore as every hero can theoretically surpass the movespeed cap. Then you have heroes with dashes/blink abilities which now have talents/aghs upgrades which can allow them to travel huge distances of the map in a very short time. Most mobile heroes have talents/shard/scepter upgrades to heavily improve their mobility and other movement options such as boots of travel. abyssal blade and swift blink.

I think the worse offenders are io, riki, windranger, broodmother, morphling and ember spirit. Honourable mentions to Anti-Mage, Alchemist (swift blink turns him into a 600+ MS raid boss, no problems here) and Juggernaut (swift blink + aghs shard and scepter, gl hf bro). All these heroes traverse the map at extreme speed provided they have the correct items + talents and all of them have some built in "save", whether its through healing, invunerability of defensive utility through dispels or counterspell etc.

In their default form most mobility spells are balanced however, the combination of new items, scepter and shard upgrades along with talents make alot of moblie heroes impossible to deal with after a certain stage of the game. You can't really position agaisnt these heroes, you just better hope they can't kill you when they jump you. its very difficult to deal with these heroes when they get shard/scepter/talents.

I think the immobile glass cannon DPS hero is a dead archetype in the current version of dota (Drow, Zeus, Lina, Sniper etc). There are too many heroes which can gap close from the other side of the map.

While having absurd mobility is very fun to play, it can become nearly impossible to deal with after a certain point in the game. Maybe im wrong though, there is enough CC in the game to successfully chain stun somebody to their death.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/m5ut4f/opinion_on_mobility_power_creep/

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