Overwatch Review: Player is semi-afk

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Honestly I'm baffled as to what to do with this one. AA is mostly just afk throughout the game, having short bursts of activity before going afk again.

Now I don't mean "farming with ult," or anything. I mean literally afk for long stretches of time. 16x speed and he's standing still for long periods doing absolutely nothing. He was level 6 at 20 minutes with a KDA of 0/4/2. Level 8 when game ended at 32 minutes, with even his fellow support being 4 levels ahead of him.

I'm leaning towards guilty because he just… didn't play much at all. But I'm undecided between that and the player just… being bad. However at minimum it doesn't seem like they're paying attention to the game or trying to play above a literal minimum, and it just… don't seem right towards their allies.

Talking about Guardian MMR game, which doesn't help make the decision easier.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/lrph9x/overwatch_review_player_is_semiafk/

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