Pacing of the updates and losing the excitement of the game.

Can we talk a little bit about this topic please? Without going full "let the devs do things at their own pace, it's their game".

First of all this game sold a couple millions of copies, and in my opinion even though they want to stick to their pace, they have to owe it a little to people who bought the game and made it so popular, the mindset of "whether or not this game sold 5 copies or 2 million, won't make us change the pace we do things at" is not fair for people that are waiting to play the game with more stuff to do, and more changes.

After you sell that many copies I feel like you automatically have a responsibility to change the pace you do things at least a little, according to how demanding the community is, without getting to a point where it's toxic and not fair for the devs, so the devs saying they don't care about how many people bought the game and they're going to stick to the pace they initial have intended for the game to go with, feels a little like disregarding the player base. Maybe I'm just a big narcissistic idiot (very likely).

I know everyone somewhat feels this way, and the devs should understand that no one wants to mention anything purely because the game is just really good and the devs did a great job in making the game, and I feel really bad having to come on reddit to mention how slow these updates are.

A big reason why I fell in love with this game so much was the feeling of not knowing what could happen next, the thing is after playing for a week you know pretty much every event that can happen in game, and that feeling of excitement/suspense/thrill starts fading. In that time you also start grasping and understanding how much potential this game has. The first time you encounter a troll or the first time you see a sea serpent feels so unique and exciting, and obviously becomes repetitive after you've played the game for a while, and that's totally fair since that's the whole purpose of those encounters. So adding more of those aspects would really enhance the game.

But reading the patch notes in this recent patch and in every patch before that made me somewhat disappointed, a month had passed since that last small update. I've been waiting for hearth and home for a while now, I stopped playing the game because I wanted to experience it better once it's finished and fully comes out because this is too good of a game not to do that, without spoiling myself that feeling you only get for the first few times you play any game that you really like. But I wouldn't mind additions in the building side while waiting for additions or changes and updates to the actual gameplay, that's a lot of fun too, more ways to decorate the house/outside or even more species of animals, more interactions, more crops and stuff like that. I feel like at this pace waiting for changes in the game or updates stops making any sense, by the time this game comes out, I fear that the excitement that most people and I have for the game now, will be completely gone.

I know games like these are designed to have slow updated and bringing in new stuff at a slow pace, take minecraft for an example, they only add a couple updates a year because they want to keep people engaged, if they added all the updates in the span of two months that would somewhat affect how player experience those updates, but that's only when the game is finished, and this is not minecraft, this game is still in early access, it came out in february and it's been 4 months, they showed a roadmap of things they want to add and nothing has happened so far, nothing has been added and nothing has been changed apart from minor coding to very specific things. This is the time where developers should experiment with adding things or making the game more engaging and see how the community reacts to that, there's no harm in that, it would only be bad if the game was "finished" and they started making quick and bad changes to the game. We also don't want the game to come out in a time when the game design becomes completely outdated (let's say the final version of this game comes out in 3 years, I have no doubt that it won't feel as intriguing as it does now and other games will start feeling more interesting and doing the same things but better).

This is by far the best experience I've had with any early access game I've ever played, I don't want to stand here and just critique the devs after making such a wonderful game (I think this is the main reason why this discussion isn't more popular), I feel guilty even talking about this. I just a fear that my excitement for this game will be gone before I get to experience the finished game.

I can only hope that the pace will pick up and if not, that's still fine, just wanted to mention this and see what people thought

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