Phasing and CC in Twine Peaks Endurance, game is losing its fun and creative side

TLDR. Phasing husks in endurance have been around TOO long and needs fixing. CC nerf takes away our fun and creative builds.

Phasing is literally so broken it's not even funny. I just had 2 smashers charge on ramp amp and end up in the block off just to break some things, then charge again and phase out of the block off, like phasing is part of the mechanics now. Phasing has always been an issue and its been around for a LONG time. Recent rebuilding of TPE and testing it, I feel like the phasing issues having gotten worse with the last update. At least before they were somewhat predictable. Can we seriously start putting more effort into getting phasing issues fixed?

CC builds is what made building creative TPE builds fun, taking them away from us kind of sucks overall.

We should be allowed to use our experience and knowledge of the game mechanics to build however we want in TPE. Building a fun, creative, semi-, or full afk-able TPE is seriously one of the few fun challenges we end game players have left in STW. Most of us can beat TPE using an abundance of weapons and traps and that was fun when we first did it, it's not really a fun challenge anymore. Building an AFK TPE and making a creative CC build that show off our skills and knowledge of the game is an actual fun and rewarding challenge. Heck we spend countless hours over weeks and months doing different builds and showing them to our friends because this is all we end game players have left lol. What I'm saying is the CC nerf doesn't belong in endurance, we want to have fun with our builds.

I personally don't care if CC is in regular pub matches or not, but let us use our CC traps again in endurance and/or at least fix phasing so we can work on our new builds already without bugs causing them to break all over the place.


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