Please, remove all the teleport ore limitations.

I want to clarify first that this is just my opinion, but i read other people that think this as well.
Why there shouldn't be any limitations?
1) The possibility to teleport ore with portal would not hurt in any way the exploration of the map. Mainly because you have to explore a new place before you can place a new portal to link with the one you have at your main base. So the exploration of the map would still be a main focus for everyone who wants to upgrade their equipment. Plus, by going back to your base with all the ore, who would explore? It's just a trip back home, nothing else.
2) The alternative is sailing, but now jt can be a very tedious thing. Mainly because winds do whatever they want obviously, so a trip to go back to the main base when you have wind in the opposite direction can be frustrating, because you would be forced to go just by row. Sailing takes a lot of time, if you doesn't even have the wind in your favor, it's very annoying.
3) Ores are heavy. Very heavy. If everytime you are at max capacity you had to go back to your ships it would take a lot of time. Imagine going in a sunken crypt and mining steel. After about 40 of steel you have to go back to your ships, deposit the ore in the chest and go back. This is not funny, this is not even grinding, this is just boring.
4) Not everyone has friends that can help them or a lot of time to play. The possibility to have the ore teleported is to cut a lot of wasted time for the ones who doesn't have it.
5) Someone could say this would ruin the core game, but my question is: how? It wouldn't be a forced option, but just an alternative. The best way to implement this could be by simply making everyone chose what they want to do in their world, or to make teleport upgradable.
I apology for any errors, english is not my first language.


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