Possibly minor tweak to how Imposter is picked needed?

I only play this game with the same group of 10 people in total, once our session starts, the room doesn't change, so if there's any influence at all and it's not entirely random (I believe it is entirely random) – with 2 Imposters out of 10 people, that should mean that my Imposter % should be around 20%. It's probably not going to be exactly but it'll be within like what? 4% either way?

So I got curious… It doesn't seem like I'm getting Imposter much, the last two days we've played (in sessions of about 3 hours each) I've got Imposter once and so I collected my stats.

185 games played.

Times Imposter: 25

Times Crewmate: 160

That puts my Imposter pick percentage at 13%? 13.5%? I get being unlucky but that's… That's way out from where it should be and maybe there needs to be like a pity Imposter pick? eg. X hasn't been Imposter for <random number> of games, give them Imposter in <1-4> games, just so it's not like trackable or anything… I don't know.

It's just a bit disheartening to only get to play half of the game… Less usually, as I'm normally the first two to be killed because them and me are the ones are work out who are the imps are.

Sorry, this is whiny as fuck I know. /rant

If you guys also post your statistics, I can get an overview of what pick rates are actually like, because maybe 13.5% isn't low and I'm just overreacting.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jgyszl/possibly_minor_tweak_to_how_imposter_is_picked/

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