PRO Rank in one night with homebrew meme decks

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Hey lovely Gwent community – a returned beta player here who just got into the game again after another big break (1 year, 1,5 before….)

All I can say is that I really LOVE this game – it's really well made and it's possible to make so much different decks here it's actually insane (at least for somebody like me who is pretty much above average in terms of deckbuilding skills, NO FLEX).

So back to the point of this post – I climbed in one night to PRO Rank starting from rank 5 only with my selfmade decks which happened to be memes at the same time (at least from my perspective). It's just wonderful that such a thing is possible here in Gwent – this is by far not the case for the other card games I play too (Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra). I create great meme decks there too – but for the higher ladder these just can't stand a chance vs the same 2-3 highly refined net decks. Ofc I faced multiple of the same netdecks here too, but really not that much as in these other 2 games.

Anyway, I want to know from you what your thoughts are regarding this topic! Are you playing selfmade meme decks regularly too? How is it going for you in ranked mode with such decks?

ps.: I won't share my decklists cause I guess I have a very strong antipathy for netdecking in every card game. But I can name you 3 of the memey cards I included in probably the most successfull of my few meme decks I climbed with: This one was NG with RIENCE, VYPPER & LIVING ARMOR.


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