Proposed change to Shooter Born in Heaven

I love doing tasks.

Going out, grabbing the item / killing the dude / Mercing the boss is an awesome gameplay loop. BUT, Shooter born in heaven is a huge annoying grind that i think with some small changes could be a great task.

my proposed change would be as so:

Obj 1: get 15 headshots over 100 meters

Obj 2: get headshots over 100 meters on 4 (or 3) different maps.

This preserves the original concept of the task while avoiding grinding maps that a specific player dislikes, and rewarding creativity. The only issue i can see is showing players wuich maps they have complete, as far as i know

If you can get a crazy 100m shot on labs, NICE. It counts.

If you hate map X , go map Y. there are 5 maps you could go (all except labs and factory) so pick wuichever one you want

If you really like map Z, go for it. Shots you make count.

Shout your opinion in the comments, last wipe i only had SbH, Psycho, and colleagues 3 (would have gotten last lv from sbh) left on the task list, but i hated trying to do them.


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