PSA about placing workbench/forge upgrades

For the longest time I thought level 7 forges weren't implemented into the game yet because I had all my upgrades placed but I just couldn't hit level 7. Well, today I chose to look at all my upgrades, count everything, make sure I wasn't missing anything. I had my bellows out but it didn't say it was 'connected' to my forge, which I thought was odd. Long story short, I destroyed it and replaced it, which then let it connect to my forge. How it was placed down and not connecting, I have no idea. Now I don't wanna hear 'iT hAs To Be InSiDe ThE cIrClE', because I am well aware of that. What I'm saying is, the bellows was placed down and not connecting for who knows what reason. My bellows was so close to my forge that I had to spend a minute or two trying to figure out the exact spot I needed to place it because I have too much shit in the way. I.e. walls, other upgrades, stairs, and who knows what else

So, for anyone still grinding their way to the end game, piece of advice: make sure when you place an upgrade that it is actually connected. Apparently it is possible to place an upgrade inside the circle without it actually connecting

Thanks for listening to my TED Talk


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