PvE No Ammo Build: Feedback Needed

My goal with this build is to eliminate AI enemies without consuming ammo as efficiently as possible. Ideally, I want to return to a station as little as possible before I finish the quota for a stack of massacre missions. The ship has to be medium to accept missions from outposts, and I want to minimize damage, down time, and reloads to maximize profit.

After analyzing various combinations of resistances and hit points for shield and hull and considering what weapons are usually encountered in RESs and against pirates, as well as deciding the maximum DPS I could get for no ammunition with reasonable energy consumption and heat, here's the build: https://s.orbis.zone/btmM

Alliance Chieftain with cytoscramblers for shields and short range rails for power plant sniping (or just standard destruction if I get lazy). Bi-weave despite being able to rule out more hull damage with a standard/prismatic shield for the sake of more shield usage over a longer period of time.

If you have experience with PvE, have you tried something like this? What problems do you foresee that I may have missed? How could I improve this build? I just want some feedback before I go on the three hour journey to engineer it and can't go back. Thanks in advance.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/knyze1/pve_no_ammo_build_feedback_needed/

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  • Alissa Fredericks 14.11.2021 in 05:27

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  • Bill 30.11.2021 in 09:57

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