Python: Heavy Fighter Build


I'm open to suggestions.

After I bought a Type 9, I decided to outfit my Python for combat instead of cargo runs. I am not finished engineering it, because I have not unlocked all the engineers I need yet.

Notes: The shields are strong enough where they didn't collapse when attacked by a T10 and its fighter. I was able to kill both. The hull is armored and reinforced to be a tank, but it is still nimble.

I gave up some agility when I armored the ship, because it's heavy, but the engineered 7A G3 clean drive thrusters help a LOT in that regard.

I turreted the lasers because I'm not as nimble as I could be, so I'm sacrificing DPS for additional time on target. I plan on putting long range or overdrive, as well as thermal vents on the lasers.

I realized, shortly after doing most of the engineering, that I could have just bought a FDL and outfitted that to be a better combat vessel, but I love my Python. I will probably buy the FDL and see which engineered modules can be dropped into it, but I have no plans to sell my Python.

Worst case, I move most of the engineered stuff to my FDL, store the modules that don't fit, and outfit the Python for Robigo runs.


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