Question about tarkov shooting mechanic.

This is going to sound like another rant but hear me out, I understand tarkov is a realistic game and I understand why the character can compensate fullauto recoil for you. But why in the fuck single shots and burst fire have the most recoil/optic jump? When you are single tapping and burst firing you should have the most control of your rifle, yet tarkov’s optic jumps up and down like it’s on a god damn trampoline. Also, why does your optic/iron sight sway so much when you are moving? If you’ve ever done any tactical shooting while moving around you will know most of the sway come from is not in the optic but your whole gun, if you know how properly shoulder and hold a gun, the optic will not sway around like that, your gun is like a part of your body, your reticle will sway from the target but not inside of your optic. same with iron sight, every time you move the front sight gets misaligned with rear sight, that’s not realistic unless you got noodle arms and cannot hold a gun correctly, idk just some of my thoughts on some of the small stuff that makes me can’t fully enjoy tarkov and find stupid.

TLDR: tarkov single tap recoil and reticle sway when moving is annoying and unrealistic.


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