Question about the new smurfing rules from a peruvian that sees this practice literally EVERYWHERE here

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here in Peru pro players and ex pro players play in smurf accounts almost every day in stream (Kingteka , smash , Hector) to name a few is not a secret , you would watch smash streaming and find out a player in his team is actually HC from Beastcoast HECTOR k1 telling him that "this is my smurf" ive heard it more than once , kingteka plays 80% of the time in smurf divine , legend acccounts because he gets paid to do it or just to boost some friends account.

Smash even has a youtube channel where he "teaches" people how to play dota playing in low elos and stomping games (

my question is will they still be allowed to do these kind of things literally in the face of everyone

(sorry for bad english)


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