Relicts discussion!

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I personally think one of the biggest mistakes gwent devs do is over nerfing and killing archetypes instead of nerfing them a little bit and keeping it playable.
Relicts nerfs over the last few months were lethal.

They nerfed, mammuna, selffeater, witch apprentice, gerni, and caranthir. Instead of nerfing the only card that was a really big issue which was mammuna, they nerfed everything which sadly made the deck bad against nature, rain, and inspired zeal decks.

Relicts nerfs on the other hands should have been locking caranthir to 10, and nerfing mammuna to 12, and keeping gerni at 11.
Selffeater got one extra provision, and reduced 1 point of him which is an over nerf, he should have remained 6 points at 6 provision to be equal to things like alumni or messenger of the sea.

Hopefully cdpr is aware of this, and they don't over nerf things that are playble now and instead buffing relicts a little bit again.


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