Remove unfair advantages gained by other pro players

witcher gwent cards

According to the wangid ruling, 3.7% of his matches were abnormal (suspicious win trade, soft plays, forfeits, but no solid evidence of cheating), and the corresponding portions of MMR was removed.

I fully support the idea of maintaining highest level of integrity for Gwent pro scene, and the rules should be applied equally to every pro player in the top ladder.

There’s no way that wangid is the only pro player who encountered opponents soft plays or forfeits. I don’t know what the ‘baseline’ is but that’s not important. The truth is a pro player with 2.7% free wins gained unfair advantages over another pro player with 1.7% free wins. CDPR should carefully examine the game replays of other top players in the ladder and remove the MMR gained through similar unfair advantages such as winning a games that wouldn’t be possible unless the opponent forfeited, or obviously soft played.

Otherwise CDPR is factually targeting wangid.


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