Reserve – Looking for solo PvP/strategy guide, tips & tricks

i am a long term tarkov player but i am usually not very often on reserve. The recent games i mostly died or killed a pmc and died afterwards. However, i am not talking about getting camped (e.g. D2), I am searching for pvp guides from reserve players.

Usually i'm moving around the map on the edges (marked room at railroad, pmc+scav extract, marked room in pawns, up to dome – mostly for extracting). I am usually not often in the underground or in the middle of the map. The pawns marked room seems usually like a pvp hot spot early in the round.

  • What's you go to path?
  • Which areas are pvp hotspots?
  • Which angles/positions you like as a solo player?
  • How to overall increase survivability on reserve?
  • Beside D2, how often does pvp occur in the underground?
  • Where are most of the players located?
  • Preferred Weapons/Loadout?
  • What are you tips/strategies?


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