Reserve player scavs are too much

Basically if you dont find a fight or u don't just loot up on reserve in the first 7-8 minutes you just have to extract ASAP rocky, otherwise you are just facing endless hordes of player scavs who risk nothing going in meanwhile you invested 1-1.5 mil in gear and insured for240k. Where is the logic in that in my opinion scavs should spawn in the last 10 minutes to ACTUALY scavage what is left around and extract and should only be used as last resort if actually hit rock bottom.

EDIT: here is a clip of my inventory for all the downvoting haters you don't get this rich by being bad and constantly dying to scavs The problem is real its just that people that sit in bushes with a mosin and play scav 24/7 want to play the game without risking anything.


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