Returning player, trying my best to see how this game is fun

I purchased the game back when it was first released, played for quite a bit actually and enjoyed it a bunch.

Life did it’s thing and recently remembered the game exists and found new additions like the hideout and heal system now in the game.

This is where I am shocked, why the bloody c*nt is there a heal system? Wtf???

My issue is that the mass majority of players are strapped quite well, but I as a new player am pushed into a cesspool of experienced players after waiting minutes at a time to get into a game only to be killed literally instantly and lose everything I had.

Oh but wait, you have to heal now, so pay up again. So now there is a fixed healing counter digging at me that affects a new player a hell of a lot more than a loaded player. Cool. What else? Is there a tax system that I have to pay? Do I chop my arm off to continue playing the game?

How the hell is this game supposed to be fun? Keep in mind that the reason I’m even posting this here is to hopefully find reason to jump further into the game. I have a whole discord server full of friends and others lined up who I was ready to finish convincing to purchase the game as well, but this, this is just hilariously bad so far. Like somehow studying seems like more fun than this game. Was a lot of fun back then though even with its massive lack of depth/options as a video game.

Thanks for any and all responses.


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